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Tattoo Parlor Negligence | Wisconsin Personal Injury Lawyer

Consult A Wisconsin Personal Injury Lawyer If You Think A Tattoo Parlor Is Liable For Your Injuries

Tattooing has been around for a long time. Since the earliest of civilizations, tattoos have been a means for individuals and groups to express themselves or to commemorate life events. As tattoos and tattoo parlors have become more commonplace, there has been an increase in tattoo lawsuits. The liability risks of tattoo parlors are many and varied, but only a Wisconsin personal injury lawyer can help you determine if a tattoo parlor was truly negligent and responsible for your injuries.

Negligence Must Be Proven

Pursuing a lawsuit is not as simple as claiming you’ve been injured. Some people try to sue tattoo parlors just because they aren’t happy with the end result. Unfortunately, a lack of skill isn’t a crime or negligence. Negligence is key to any liability lawsuit and it does exist in the tattooing industry. Tattoo parlors are regulated, must carry liability insurance, and usually require customers to sign a waiver before they will agree to provide the service.

Despite these protections, negligence can still occur. In order to prove liability for the injuries sustained you must be able to prove that the tattoo parlor was negligent in their duties to you.

4 elements must exist in order to prove negligence:

  1. It must be established that the tattoo parlor had a duty to provide you with safe care. This includes such things as clean, maintained tools, safe, quality ink, and precautions taken by the artist to do you no harm.
  2. There must be a breach of that duty to provide safe care. Perhaps the tools were not maintained or clean or the artist did not prep or care for your skin afterwards as he/she should have.
  3. Causation. Something must have happened to cause the breach or injury.
  4. You must have been harmed as a result of the tattoo parlor’s negligence or lack of care.

If the parlor or artist fails to provide a reasonable standard of care and it results in harm to you, they can be held liable for damages.

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