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What is a Parenting Plan and Why is it Important?

One goal of a parenting plan is to create a smooth transition for the child and to avoid further disagreements in the future. In fact, the plan may address how future disagreements are to be handled, for example, through mediation. Here are some topics to address in a Parenting Plan: Days and times for placement, including summer, holidays, and other special days Pick up and drop off arrangements Arrangements for medical appointments Responsibility for the children’s variable expenses Childcare...

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Madison, WI Attorneys Experienced In Adoption

Adopting A Child? Know What To Ask Prospective Madison, WI Attorneys Adopting a child in Wisconsin can prove one of life’s greatest joys. However, anyone who has ever gone through the adoption process knows that legal issues often arise. In order to successfully navigate an often complicated legal system, many couples turn to Madison, WI attorneys to ensure that their adoption gets approved. It’s no secret that not all Madison, WI attorneys are created alike. In order to guarantee...

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