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CDC Birth Injury and Death Reports Staggering


In February, 2016, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) released statistics on infant mortality in the United States. For every 1,000 live births, there are 5.96 deaths. Some of the causes of death represent genetic or chromosomal malformations. In these cases, nothing can be done to save the life of the infant. Still, an alarming number of deaths are associated with often preventable disorders.

The top ten causes of infant mortality are:

  1. Congenital malformations and chromosomal abnormalities
  2. Premature birth and/or low birth weight
  3. Maternal complications during pregnancy or childbirth
  4. Sudden infant death syndrome
  5. Accidents
  6. Complications of the placenta, umbilical cord, or membranes
  7. Bacterial sepsis, or an infection of the blood
  8. Respiratory distress
  9. Diseases of the circulatory system
  10. Neonatal hemorrhage

Thousands of families face the devastating loss of a newborn each year. Sadly, some of these deaths could have been prevented with proper care during childbirth, delivery, and the postnatal period. Complications of the placenta, umbilical cord, or membranes, for example, may be managed if caught in time. Maternal complications, too, can often be managed appropriately to avoid infant mortality.

The vast majority of obstetricians and obstetrical medical personnel are well-trained, diligent, and competent. Sometimes, however, in the rush of labor and delivery, errors occur. These errors may result in injuries such as abrasions or minor nerve damage, more significant injuries that result in cerebral palsy or disabilities due to hypoxia, or even death. When such incidents occur, medical professionals must be held accountable for their actions.

Our Madison personal injury lawyers at the Eisenberg Law Firm understand that the birth of a child should be a time of extreme joy and happiness for a family. We know from CDC statistics, however, that a number of children die or suffer injuries due to complications during and shortly after childbirth. Our team of injury lawyers in Madison, Wisconsin work diligently to determine exactly what actions (or lack thereof) led to the injuries or death of your newborn. If a medical professional is responsible, we will do everything in our power to hold them accountable for their actions.

We recognize that no amount of money can ever compensate for the loss of a child or a lifetime of disabilities, but we believe that seeing justice served provides solace for many families.

If you have experienced the death of a newborn and believe that medical professionals may be to blame, contact the Eisenberg Law Firm today online or at 608-256-8356.