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Should You Have A Judge Or Jury For Your Personal Injury Trial? Injury Lawyers In Madison Weigh In

If a personal injury case goes to court, you might have your choice of the case being heard in front of a judge or jury.  Either side can request a jury.  The only way a judge will decide is if both sides agree to have the judge hear the case without a jury.  There are pros and cons to each scenario and it may require consultation with the injury lawyers at Madison’s Eisenberg Law Offices to determine the best solution.

The Case For The Judge

The judge has deep knowledge of the law on his or her side. A judge will likely be better able to understand the issues at stake and won’t be as easily swayed by the emotions involved in such cases. If the case is particularly complex or involves difficult legal issues, you may not want to risk going in front of a jury of 12 people who won’t or might not fully understand the situation. A judge can cut through the complexity to evaluate the injustice and make a decision in cases that may be too confusing for the average layperson.

The Case For The Jury

The advantage of the jury trial is that you’ll be heard by 12 persons, not just one decision-maker.  Juries may be more sympathetic than a judge but juries may also be biased against plaintiffs asking for money.  Simple, straightforward cases that can be told in compelling ways do better in front of juries.

Count On Injury Lawyers In Madison For Advice

Personal injury lawyers are your best resource for deciding between a judge and a jury trial. These professionals have spent years in front of judges and juries, arguing cases and fighting for their clients’ rights. They will know which situation would work out more favorably for your specific situation.

If you are involved in a personal injury case, contact the Eisenberg Law Offices personal injury lawyers for advice and representation. We offer free consultations and represent clients in all types of personal injury cases. Call us at 608-256-8356 to arrange your consultation.

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