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Madison Law Firm helps defend against White Collar Criminal Charges

Defending Against a White Collar Crime Investigation

Many crime investigations are obvious. A robbery, assault, or other criminal act leaves little doubt as to why police officers are looking into people around the scene. The questions will be clear and the reasons for them clearer.

With white collar crime, though, you may not know. You get a call from an investigator about purchases or other transactions, and it may seem like you are just talking about ordinary business dealings. Invariably, though, this is part of a criminal investigation into you or your business.

Potential White Collar Crimes

Often, investigations into financial transactions surround allegations of fraud, embezzlement, or money laundering. All of these involve sending or receiving money for something other than a fair exchange, and often to either steal or cover up an illegal transaction. 

The penalties for this kind of criminal activity can be severe. The company can face fines, lost business licenses, and a host of other sanctions that can create problems for years to come. Individuals can face fines and prison time. Accordingly, you need to take any investigation into your financial dealings seriously.

Protecting Yourself and Your Company

When you get the call from an investigator, you may not know whether this is about you personally, the organization, or both. The person calling may threaten you if you don’t cooperate, or try to offer you a deal to turn over whatever information they want to see. It can even seem like your only option is to do what you are told.

Before you talk to an investigator or turn anything over, know that you have a right to talk to an attorney. You do not have to give any information without doing so, particularly if that information may be incriminating.

When you receive a call from investigators regarding a White Collar criminal investigation, you should reach out to an attorney before you provide any information. Do not refuse to cooperate, but let them know you need to speak to counsel before you talk to them. Eisenberg Law Offices has experienced white collar defense counsel who can help you protect your rights.