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wisconsin bike accident injury

If You’ve Been in a Bike Accident, You Need Legal Advice Now

A bike is a lightweight vehicle compared to cars, and if you’ve been in an accident while on your bike, you might think that the resulting insurance claim would be easy to resolve. That is not always the case when bikes are involved in accidents. In most cases, you will need legal help, and anyone involved in an accident while on a bike, even if the claim and their recovery seem to be going well, should seek legal advice. This ensures that you’re really getting the right amount of compensation.

People Don’t Always Follow Laws

Wisconsin has done a fair amount to warn drivers to stay away from bicycles and to look before opening car doors, even passing a law that would fine drivers who “doored” bikes, or who opened car doors right into the path of an oncoming cyclist. However, people don’t always follow those laws, and it’s still very common for bikes to be “doored.” Cars also run red lights, other bicyclists may not be paying attention, and pedestrians can appear out of nowhere, giving you little time to stop.

If you’ve been in a bike accident, you should remain on the scene and trade information, take pictures, and notify the police. Wait for the police to come out and make a report, and ask for medical attention if you need it. Should the other party flee and turn the accident into a hit and run, you should try to get contact information from witnesses.

Don’t try to navigate this on your own. Contact Eisenberg Law Offices and speak to a lawyer who can help you. Bike accidents are a world apart from your typical car accident, and you need to be sure you’re covering all your bases.