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Facts About Taking Legal Action After a Wrongful Death Incident in Wisconsin


Wrongful Death Attorneys in Wisconsin can evaluate your case

If you have lost a spouse or close family member in an accident, you could have a wrongful death claim. The sorrow that you feel at the loss of your loved one is likely to be overwhelming. We understand this and are sensitive to the emotions that you are feeling. At the same time, you also worry about the long-term financial impact your loved one’s death will have on your family. We’re here to address all of that for you, so that your family can continue to live in your home, pay your bills, and have a future.

Your Rights in a Wrongful Death Case

In the state of Wisconsin, you can file a wrongful death suit if the deceased was your spouse, parent, or child.

In order to prevail, we will need to prove that another negligent party is responsible for the accident and your loved one’s death. This is called negligence and it is pivotal to receiving any financial compensation. If your loved one was cat fault for his own death, you will not be entitled to any compensation. Under most circumstances, coverage provided by auto insurance companies may be available regardless of who is at fault. We will work diligently to gather evidence, speak with witnesses, and build a strong case.

Valuing Your Claim

If you are wondering what your claim could be worth, we encourage you to call and schedule a consultation with our law firm. In a wrongful death case, we will be examining things like what your loved one earnings and how many years they would likely continue working.  You could be entitled to those lost wages as well as compensation for society and companionship.  For example, if your spouse died at fifty and would have worked until he was sixty-five, you could qualify for his lost wages or lost earning capacity (known as pecuniary damages) for the next fifteen years along with lost retirement income, chores he did around the house, money for health benefits, and pain and suffering.

Get the Help You Need

Losing a loved one is devastating. With the help of an attorney, it does not have to ruin your financial future as well. You deserve compensation and at Eisenberg Law Offices, we can help you get it.