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Probable Cause for a Pat-Down Search in Wisconsin


 Search and Seizure – what is probable cause?

As attorneys in the state of Wisconsin, we are regularly asked by defendants whether it was legal for an officer to stop and search them.

Your 4th Amendment Rights

The 4th Amendment protects everyone from illegal search and seizure. However, if the police have reasonable suspicion that you may have been involved in a crime, or have probable cause to arrest you, they have the right to stop and search you. Additionally, if an officer believes that their life is threatened in any way, and they can pat you down for dangerous items or weapons.

Call if You Were Patted Down and Searched

If you feel that there was no reasonable suspicion in your case but you were still stopped and frisked by an officer anyway, you should call our office to speak with an attorney. We can review the details of your case and let you know whether you have an argument to challenge your arrest under the Fourth Amendment.

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