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wisconsin motorcycle accident

How to Value Your Motorcycle Accident Claim

Get help valuing your Wisconsin Motorcycle Accident claim

Motorcycle accidents often lead to significant injuries and property damage costs. If someone else causes the accident, you can expect their insurance company to come to you quickly with an offer. Avoiding the cost and time of litigation may be tempting. Before you accept any offer, though, you should see an experienced personal injury attorney. By talking you through your case, he or she can help you understand the value of your claim.

Injuries You Sustain

If you suffer serious injuries, your claim will be worth more. This takes into account not only your current medical costs, but future costs as well. Your injuries may impact your ability to work and your ability to enjoy your home life. Before you consider an offer, make sure you understand not only how severe your injuries are, but what you are really missing because of them.


Your accident probably caused damage to your motorcycle, which you may need to repair or even replace. Your hospital bills certainly come into play as well. Other expenses can build, too. Childcare, lost wages, transportation costs, and many other costs large and small affect the value of your claim. Don’t just look at the obvious bills your accident creates.

Pain and Suffering

You have likely heard about pain and suffering claims in lawsuits. Still, it often takes your own accident to show you how significant this can be. A serious accident can leave you in frequent or constant pain. You may suffer from mood shifts, anxiety, and other emotional struggles. Putting a price tag on this kind of suffering may seem strange, but it does become part of your claim’s value.

Liability Offsets

Before you get to damages, you do have to show someone else was liable. If you were partially at fault, your award may be reduced. Working with an experienced attorney can help you understand the true value of a motorcycle accident claim. Contact Eisenberg Law Offices online or at 608-256-8356 to learn more.