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Economic and Non-Economic Personal Injury Damages

Determining the value of your Personal Injury claim

Personal injuries come around in all kinds of ways. You can be injured while driving, on someone’s business or personal property, or even on your own property. If someone else causes your injury through negligence or recklessness, you can file a claim for damages. Before doing so, it helps to understand just how a court or insurance company thinks and speaks about those damages. Broadly speaking, they fall into two categories: economic and non-economic damages. Measuring these damages together will help show you the value of your claim.

Understanding Economic Damages

Economic damages are the out-of-pocket losses you incur that connect to specific dollar amounts. The cost of your medical bills and any property damages fall into this category. Similarly, lost wages and funeral expenses fall into this category. These damages do not just involve what you have already suffered; they also go into the future. Any future wage loss or medical costs, for example, will count as economic damages you can recover. Your attorney will work with you and experts who can help you calculate these damages.

So What Are Non-Economic Damages?

After an accident, you may suffer losses that don’t come with a specific price tag. This can include pain and suffering, loss of consortium, loss of companionship, and other damages that you have, but may have trouble quantifying. This is where an experienced personal injury attorney is critical to your claim’s success. He or she can help you understand what the accident has really cost you, and help you recover those damages in your claim.

Bringing It All Together

In most personal injury cases, economic and non-economic damages both figure in to what you should seek. In the Madison, Wisconsin area, Eisenberg Law Offices has the experience to help you understand the losses your personal injury caused, and then work with you to get the most value for your claim. To learn more, contact us online or at 608-256-8356.