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Risks and Remedies for Truck Summer Tire Blowouts

Reduce your risks from a truck tire blowout

If you ever drive on the highway, you have seen shredded tires lying in the road. Sometimes they sit harmlessly off on the shoulder. All too often, they sit in the middle of the road–or worse, fly off the back of a truck in front of you. Worse yet, trucks that blow out their tires tend to lose control, leaving you vulnerable to a dangerous crash. If the driver could have prevented the truck tire blowout, the driver or trucking company may be liable for your damages.

Summer Road Hazards

Every Wisconsin season brings elements that can create highway problems. In summer, the roads heat up. The extra heat adds to the wear and stress that tires already face–particularly under large, heavy vehicles. Most of the time, this means shredded tires flying free from under the vehicle. Debris in the road can damage your tires or make you swerve into more trouble.

When a driver loses control, though, it becomes even more dangerous. It can be difficult or even impossible to avoid a swerving, tipping truck, especially on a busy highway. The result is an accident that creates significant risk to you and your vehicle.

Liability Issues

Truck drivers have a duty to properly maintain their vehicles. This includes making sure their tires are properly inflated and have proper tread thickness. If a worn or underinflated tire blows out, the driver and the trucking company are responsible for any damage that results. This includes not only your vehicle repairs and medical bills, but also any lost wages, loss of consortium, loss of earning ability, and any other damages that result from the accident.

Protect Your Rights

If you are in an accident caused by a truck tire blowout, the trucking company’s insurance company will try to settle your claims quickly. Before you accept any offer, you should contact an attorney to talk about the accident and your options. In Madison, Wisconsin, Eisenberg Law Offices provides the legal experience and expertise you need to get the recovery you deserve.