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wisconsin bike accident injury

Your Legal Rights After a Wisconsin Bike Accident

How to Avoid a Wisconsin Bike Accident

When Summer comes, bicycling provides a chance for exercise and air rushing past you while you go. Unfortunately, it also brings hazards when you are out on the road. Understanding these is critical for you to protect yourself. Learn to be safe to give yourself the most summer bicycling enjoyment and avoid a Wisconsin bike accident.

Common Bicycle Injuries

When you ride a bicycle, you have as much right to be on the road as motor vehicle drivers. Still, it leaves you exposed in ways drivers and motor vehicle passengers are not. An accident can bring bumps and bruises or more significant injuries, including:

  • road rash
  • cuts
  • sprained or broken bones
  • back and neck injuries
  • internal organ injuries
  • nerve damage
  • brain and spinal cord injuries

Slipping on loose gravel or colliding with a car can leave you with little control over your own safety. No matter how careful you are, every time you ride your bike on a public road, you risk injuries that other people cause.

How to Protect Yourself

Before you go out on your bicycle, take the time to learn the traffic rules. You need to ride with the flow of traffic, and signal turns as you go. Beyond the rules themselves, though, you need to pay attention. Drivers are not always patient with cyclists, so you need to be ready to move or yield to vehicles. Keep an eye out for loose gravel and other road hazards as well; you have much less ability to withstand these on a bicycle.

Avoiding crashes is only part of your strategy. Invest in a helmet, and ideally knee and elbow pads as well. The more you do to protect yourself when you do fall, the less likely a routine crash or fall leaves you badly injured.

Seek Legal Help

If you are injured on a bicycle, seek medical help first and call the police. Any injury calls for diagnosis and treatment. After this, if someone else caused your accident, contact the experienced bike accident attorneys at Eisenberg Law Offices. We will help you get the recovery you deserve.