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Technology Can Help Your Wisconsin Personal Injury Claim

Look for a Madison Personal Injury Attorney that uses Current Technology

If you are injured in Madison, Wisconsin, it is easy to find a personal injury attorney. Look at the phone book, a billboard, or your mail, and you will find dozens of lawyers. Finding the right one, though, takes a little more time. One area that can set the best firms apart comes in embracing and applying technology to help with your case. Savvy applications of current litigation technology can make your case more efficient in preparations and give you a leg up in the courtroom.

Document Discovery and Fact-Finding

The older method of conducting discovery and fact finding was to ask for documents and hit the road to learn what was possible. This might involve visiting the police department, reaching out to insurers, and finding all the witnesses and experts available. Anything that could be learned came through witness interviews and examination of an accident scent.

While all of this remains viable, technology available can make much of this process easier. If you are fighting with an insurance company or a business, they may try to bury you in paper for your claim. We use technology designed to cut through the mass of documentation to find what really matters for your accident claim. We can also use electronic modeling and examine records quickly and easily to complete your investigation with less time or expense than has ever been required before.

In the Courtroom

The technological advantages extend to the courtroom as well. We can provide electronic displays for the jury and use simulations to help the jury see not only what happened, but how and why. Instead of sifting through witness testimony to reach several different impressions of what happened, technology can help both the judge and the jury see and feel what you went through.

As technology advances, you should not ignore the advantages it can bring for your personal injury case. If you have been injured in or around Madison, Wisconsin, contact Eisenberg Law Offices. We will use the technology you need to present your best case.