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truck accident

The Benefits of Early Legal Assistance in Truck Accident Cases

Talk to a Personal Injury attorney right after your truck accident

Accidents involving semi trucks can be particularly horrendous because of the size and weight of the trucks. Rather than devoting time to fighting with agencies to get proper compensation, you should be concentrating on getting better, which means handing much of the administrative and legal work to an attorney.

Saving That Evidence

If you’ve never dealt with truck accidents before, you may miss crucial evidence that could help you win your case. An attorney who handles truck accident cases will know exactly what evidence is needed and can work quickly to obtain and save each bit. The evidence may range from the usual witnesses and weather reports to truck maintenance records.

Talking to Insurance Reps

When you get into a car accident, you end up dealing with an insurance company that is pretty much on the same level as yours. But when you get into an accident with a truck, you end up dealing with huge insurance companies retained by major companies with lots of money to put toward reducing the blame that lands on their driver. An attorney can combat the tactics used by some of these companies to lower potential compensation.

Negotiating, Accepting, or Rejecting Settlement Offers

Your case doesn’t need to head to court to require a lawyer’s help. The truck company’s insurance may offer to settle to avoid going to court, and you definitely want a lawyer to handle any settlement negotiations. It’s too easy for you to end up with a settlement that’s smaller than what you really deserve because you don’t know any better, but a lawyer will keep at the negotiations until they’re either more than satisfactory or until it’s clear they’re going nowhere, and heading to court is the only option.

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