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What Causes Car Wrecks in Wisconsin?

Car crashes in Wisconsin – list of major causes

Wisconsin’s roadways are busy throughout the year. While most drivers travel safely and responsibly, accidents happen–bringing an average of over 500 deaths and 41,000 injuries per year, according to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation. Understanding the causes of these car crashes in Wisconsin can help you avoid problems that many drivers face.


Wisconsin is home to more than just people. The wildlife in the state lends to its natural beauty, but also creates hazards on the road. A large deer population means drivers need to be wary of deer running into the road. Over 19,000 accidents involving deer occur every year. Whether on quiet country roads or busier highways, a deer can leap into the road to cause a driver to either crash or swerve into other drivers.

Changing Traffic Patterns

The warmer months in particular bring construction work throughout the state. This creates closed lanes and shifting traffic patterns that throw some drivers off. If someone isn’t paying attention or tries to merge at the last moment, accidents result. Crashes at merge points and lane changes do more than back traffic up; they can cause serious injuries and deaths that could have been prevented with more careful driving.


Speeding creates dangers that could be easily avoided just by traveling at saver velocities. Traveling too fast gives drivers less reaction time on the road, and creates more damage when a crash occurs. Thousands of accidents in Wisconsin every year result from drivers exceeding speed limits or driving faster than conditions safely allow.

Drunk Drivers

Most people know the dangers of driving while intoxicated. Unfortunately, drinking impairs judgment, and what someone knows before the first drink may not help after consuming too much alcohol. In the end, far too many drunk drivers get behind the wheel and cause accidents.

While no one can prevent every accident, many can and should be avoided. If you have been injured in an accident, you should retain an experienced lawyer. Contact Eisenberg Law Offices at or at (608)256-8356 to learn how we can help.