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Author: Steve Eisenberg

Why Do You Need a Personal Injury Lawyer?

A personal injury lawsuit requires many hours of work and usually at least a little travel to see the site of the accident. It is not an endeavor that you can handle on your own when you’re recovering from injuries sustained during the accident. A personal injury lawyer can take over the duties of gathering evidence, looking for legal precedents, handling settlements, and more. A personal injury lawyer will handle any type of case that involves an injury to a person that occurred due...

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Reasonable Person Standard | Personal Injury Claim

Applying the Reasonable Person Standard in a Personal Injury Claim A personal injury claim often hinges on whether or not the plaintiff’s legal team can demonstrate that the plaintiff was harmed due to the actions of the defendant. Part of that process often means proving that the defendant did not act as a person in the same or similar circumstances would be expected to act. To help prove this point, attorneys rely on the reasonable person standard. This standard establishes a basis...

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Why and When Do the Police Have to Know About My Car Accident?

Do I have to report a car accident to the police? Wisconsin laws require you to contact police after you’ve had an accident if the accident meets certain conditions. Even if it doesn’t meet those conditions, you may still want to call the police. Getting a police report after an accident can help your insurance company handle payouts more accurately, and if the accident results in a court case, a police report could be the key to getting personal injury compensation. Wisconsin...

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Steps to Take Immediately After a Bike Accident

What to do immediately after a bike accident What might be a minor incident between two cars can be much worse if one of the affected parties is on a bicycle because the cyclist lacks the protection of a car body. If you are a cyclist and end up being hit by a car, there are some immediate steps you need to take. Stop Any Bleeding and Get out of Traffic Safety first. Get out of the way of oncoming traffic and do your best to stop any bleeding. Of course, if the accident is severe, you...

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Proving Liability | Wisconsin Slip And Fall Cases

Proving Liability in Wisconsin Slip and Fall Cases Slip and fall injuries may be common, but that does not mean they are minor. Very serious injuries can occur when a person slips and falls. Beyond bumps and bruises, victims can suffer from broken bones, dislocations, and even concussions. In some situations, it is possible that another party is at fault for the incident. Proving liability in these types of cases is not guaranteed. It’s not enough to demonstrate that the victim fell and...

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